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: jennifer already has a full time job as a manager of a downtown d.c. office building but she's taken a second job as a baby sitter. >> it's been great. it's been a great opportunity to be able to continue doing what i love to do, which is baby-sitting. >> reporter: but forest uses seeking sitters.com. the american university business school graduate is among the 7 million people in the country working two or more jobs. >> in this economy, it's tough and it's nice to have a little bit of extra money. >> reporter: seeking sitters started it because of her own trouble. >> my husband ethan was laid off and we decided if we're going to do it, we should do it now. >> reporter: while inflation has raised, wages have failed to keep pace. for uncle sam's nieces and nephews, the answer is not the great. more and more are struggling to find even one job. >> kay lynn brown and justin brown, i am still looking for a job. it is difficult to find employment these days. >> i have a second job. i feel blessed, definitely. >> reporter: layoffs may force more workers to take more work just to stay even
for the overnight. upper 40 on the mountains. middle 50 closer to downtown d.c.. tomorrow morning in nice warmup. the temperatures go into the '70s. by afternoon, highs will approach 80 degrees, below average for once. it will not be as breezy as it was on saturday, but still a relatively breezy day considering the last several days. 90 degrees on tuesday. 91 on wednesday. a cold front will bring cooler, drier air by thursday and friday. nighttime lows range from the '50s to the upper 60s. monday morning could be one of the coolest nights we have had since late may. >> i am so grateful. up next, it was quite a weekend for star wars fans. >>> earlier this summer it was comic con. this weekend it is dragon con in atlanta. those attending the convention marched in a parade downtown. many were adorned in star wars and star trek customers. process from the event benefit the lupus foundation. somehow i am supposed to segue from star wars and star trek to -- some of that i understand and some of that i did not. >> i am learning because my son's love star wars. >> another twist in the pain is worth dram
, sparring in downtown d.c. before a packed crowd made up largely of supporters. much of the focus was on the mayor, who himself conceded he is perceived as arrogant. he says he will do better. >>> coming up, and update on the latest information from silver spring after today's hostag chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? >>> police bomb squad officers continued to search the discovery channel headquarters in silver spring. the police car still have the area sealed off, officers using robots to disrupt three potentially explosive devices inside of the building. authorities continued to sweep the building and are calling it a 12-hour process. it is not clear how long georgia avenue and other streets will remain closed. >> for the latest on this story and al ♪ [ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new
. on his lunch break around 12on 15 he decided to head downtown d.c. and pick uamtrak tickets e for his family's vacation to new york. he waited on the platform for the next one, that's when he says, the unthinkable happened. >> i heard the guy -- the guy on the frpgt side of the platform screaming "get off the tracks, get off the tracks." >> reporter: a passenger suffered a medical emergencies and fe onto the tracks. as you heard the rumbles of an oncoming train he knew something had to be done, luily there was other passenger on this opposite side othe platform waving down the oncoming train to stop. he noticed the oncoming train waslowing down, that's he says, he made his move. >> you just don't think, you just do and i jumped onto the tracks and i jumped over the third rail i knew there are two-thirds ils and as he was standing there, he was leaning back, you know, thought is -- this guys going to hit the third rai >> reporter: so grabbed him, put his arms up o the platform an passengers helped pull the man out to safety. during the fraptic struggle he banged his knuckles on the pla
of downtown d.c.'s landscape for more than half a century is abo to move today was the final day for lowe's deli at its location on 15th street. lobe's has been serving up its famous sandwiches to customers for 51 years. the owners say they're being forced out by the owner who wants to renovate the building. that's going to last seral years. but they're going to reopen at 17th and i street northwest. they say ey'll do that in n
in downtown d.c. and mostly sunny, a bit of a breeze. the winds out of the northwest of 10 to 15 and breezier than today and that means there won't be fog. cooler than today and a sunny, breezy tuesday and just beautiful. by noon, 78; by 4:00, 82 degrees and we want to show you what is happening in terms of the timing for rain and tomorrow, a mild day and into the latter part of the weeks, wednesday still looking good and tuesday and wednesday, gorgeous. showers into the thursday night timeframe and we may see the showers around. a lot of times they don't hold up that well and we hope that they deliver. and this is hurricane i gor and that is 300 miles northeast of the leeward island and hoping it's not going to hit land and that is going to be a close call for bermuda and something to watch the track is going to take it, we hope, away from the east coast and we have to continue to watch it. that doesn't happen until the weekend. this is the forecast, including the first half of the weekend. dry with showers possible on thursday and an early sh
. >>> it has been a part of the downtown d.c. landscape for 51 years. anyone who works near 15th street has been there. 're talking about loeb's deli. while it remains a popular community fixture regulars will have to walk further to buy their sand whiches. john trippen explains. >> reporter: it's loud and fast, just like a traditional new york delittractingustomers from as far away as san francisco. and customers that over the years keep coming back. >> after 37 years what's your favorite sandwich? >> the coney island. i've been eating it a long time. >> reporter: ever switch it up? >> no. >> reporter: fry isloeb's last day. >> bitteweet. the entire block was like that. throw back to the '50s where you had a dry cleaner, a barber shop. all independently owned sinesses and you just d't see that in downown any more. >> reporter: steve along with his brother and sister tone business after their parents passed away. steven loeb say they are being forced out because the government building is starting a renovatio that will last for several years. it is moving from the corner of 15th street to n
forced investigators to close several downtown streets. d.c. fire department spokesperson tells us a pharmacy at 950 f. street received the package. it turns out the substance was not hazardous and did not pose any threat. >>> a new twist in the ongoing d.c. parks contract controversy. a reluctant witness and frat brother of mayor fenty is forced to appear before the special council investigating the case. they decided to block more company from going to his company. and karen joins us with the latest. >> reporter: omar karim is the owner that got millions of dollars in city money to manage parks and recreation projects. the council has had to subpoena to testify and went to superior court on friday to force him to be deposed today before a special outside investigator. omar karim showed up at the wilson building, his attorney in tow. not because he wanted to be here. a d.c. superior court judge ordered it. >> and yet there's been no wrongdoing, there is no one piece of testimony or document showing such. >> reporter: and at issue is how an estimated 82-$86 million skirted the coun
. only an hour and a half and things should be going here in downtown d.c. back to you guys. >> a lot of races to consider. >>> we have extensive one on one interviews with both d.c. mayor adrian fenty and his opponent and council chair vincent gray on myfoxdc.com. just look for the links on the home page. >>> d.c. not the only place with important primaries. in maryland, vote are will cast their ballots for the septa primary and the governor's race. in prince george's county, voters will decide who will be the next county executive. stacy cohandown us live from maryland with the latest there. >> good morning. this has been a very hard fought race. there are a number of races out here in prince george's county as well. there are several state delegate seats up for grabs that are also some hotly contested races but the leadership of this country is ate critical juncture and we are looking at the two strongest candidates for county executive. first off, there is mike jackson. he has been the sheriff in this country for two terms. he has less experie
in downtown d.c. will be on c street, closed between washington and third street southwest because of a police investigation. that may affect france coming out of the third street tunnel heading towards c when i use expedia, my friends at work think there's more than one "me." ...because on our trips, i always get there faster. see, expedia lets me mix and match airlines. so i can take one airline out... and another home. so with more flight options, i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. with a little help from expedia, my friends will think i can be everywhere at once. where you book matters. expedia. america needs clean energy, and america needs jobs. wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard. with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now. for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today. >>> good morning. i'm arch campbell. be
to washiton to help boys and girls get inspired. the red carpet has been rolled out in downtown d.c. for a big movie premier featuring michelle rhee. >>> a gunman stormed into a home and took eight people hostage. >>> officials finally announce ad date for when the blownout oil well in the gulf of mexico will be permanently seled. >>> oh, doug, what's ahead in the weather? >> are you loving this weather? there is more of it to come. but there is possibe, possible one little fly in the ointment. i'll show it to you coming up. >>> in sports, the natiols leave atlanta in grand style. kyle shanahan getting ready to face his old team. plus, how can you contain this guy? running back foster right now. the leading rusher in the nfl. think about the internet. growing, evolving, literally transforming our lives. now imagine the possibilities of what tomorrow could bring. at at&t, we support a core set of standards that will guide the internet intthe future... to protect users, and reward innovators, for years to come. we support a fair and open internet - affordable and accessib to everyone. transparen
coming down the streets of downtown d.c. the head of the national black farmer's association rode his tractor to capitol hill today. john boyd wants the senate to approve a 1.25 settlement for black farmers in a discrimination case. in july the house approved a bill that provided money for a payout, but an attempt to approve the funds failed last month in the senate. >>> pope benedict made history, becoming the first pope to come to great britain on a state visit. thousands turned out to welcome him in scottland. but the pope is expected to face protests over the child abuse scandal plaguing the catholic church. >> reporter: more than 60,000 people gathered in a park in scotland to watch pope benedict celebrate mass. but few are as excited as scottish singer and staunch catholic susan boyle. [ singing ] >> reporter: she said performing for the pope was a dream come true. this is only the second time the pope has set foot in britain. when pope john paul ii visited in 1982, he was greeted by massive, adoring crowds. but pope benedict will face plenty of protestors, many furious over the
. >>> a certain area in downtown d.c. may have your ears ringing. a new device called the mosquito is creating a buzz near the gallery place metro station. pat collins to find out what purpose the annoying noise serves. >> reporter: gallery place. it's sort of our little times square. a popular hangout young people. maybe sometimes too popular. >> they need to be home reading a book, doing something. >> reporter: hey, you come over here. got some teenagers hanging outside your place making noise, doing all those teenaged things? want to move them away without a hassle? maybe it's time for the mosquito. yes, it's the mosquito. a little tiny box that broadcast a high frequency sound. they say it keeps students moving, causes teens to flee. >> depending on who you want to drive away, you can vary the levels of the mosquito. higher the age, higher the sound. see what happens in our newsroom. now back to chinatown. they have one installed right near the gallery place metro. the management company says this one is set so everybody can hear it. >> do you hear anything? >> yeah. >> what's it sound lik
of sorts. she is actually a part owner of the improv in downtown d.c., and he is a local comic and they first met in fact at a comedy competition, oddly enough. a friendship was sparked and it was a friendship for many, many years. and they both sort of went through break-ups with other people. and eventually ended up relying on one another a great deal to get through that. and then they sort of took the chance one day and had a kiss and it worked. and so they finally after the years of friendship, of course everyone in the group and the families were like, finally, you two, we've been waiting for this. he have one else saw it way before they did. >> about time. now let's check out the couple featured in the date lab. who did you set up? >> the guy we picked was tom. a 23-year-old financial consultant. he is really outgoing. he loves to go out. he enjoys the city. he'll talk to anyone. he is an irreverent guy. he doesn't take himself real seriously. he said he doesn't have a specific type he's looking for but he wanted someone who would have fun with him. he seem to like brunet
in the skies. doesn't look like it right here in downtown d.c. but we'll find out from tom in just a moment. good morning. welcome to news 4 today. >>> just a few miles to our west there is torrential rain. the last three hours we have seen the surge of rainoving south to north. it is raining hard on interstate 270 from frederick, northern montgomery county. there may be a little bit of rotation in the showers that may be causing strong, gusty winds to come down to the surface as this is advancing quickly to the north. elsewhere, we have some scattered lighter showers around northern virginia, northern neck of virginia, eastern panhandle of weste virginia and shenandoah valley. maybe some isolated flooding and ponding of water through noon time. then drying out this afternoon with highs around 70, rather 80 degrees. then overnight tonight, partly cloudy, near 60 tomorrow. sun tomorow morning. highs into the low and mid-70s. and some rain is likely to move in late wednesday ranch, wednesday night. moderate to heavy rain is likely on thursday. highs in the 70s. then drying out just in time fo
poligrip free. >>> it's now easier to stay connected in downtown d.c. the city has installed 220 free wi-fi hotspots on the national mall. the hotspots run along the u.s. department of agriculture and the smithsonian institution. the private company, sisco, donated the network hardware and level 3 donated the internet services. city officials hope the free wi-fi will improve the national mall for both residents and tourists. washington ranks in the top five cities for college students we just learned that according to a survey by the american institute for economic research. the organization identified 222 metropolitan areas with at least 15,000 students. then, they chose the top 75 from that. the rankings are based on 12 criteria in three general categories. academic environment, quality of life and professional opportunities. san francisco and new york top the list. boston and seattle round out the top five and a list of smaller cities as well. >>> new filing for jobless benefits falls to a two-month low as companies slow the pace of lay-offs. we are going to check in with cnbc's hampt
and target. >>> it's now easier to stay connected in downtown d.c. the city has in-falled 223 wi-fi hot spots. they run along the department of agriculture and the smithsonian institution. the private company cisco donated the network hardware and level three donated the internet services. city officials are hoping it will improve the national mall for both residents and for po tourists. >>> washington ranks in the top five cities for college students according to a survey by the american institute for pick research. the organization identified 222 metro areas with at least 15,000 students. and then it shows the top 75. the rankings are based on 12 criteria in three general categories, academic, environment, quality of life and professional opportunity. san francisco and new york top that list. boston and seattle round out the top five. charlottesville, virginia, made the top ten and a list of smaller states. >> good to know we're attracting college students. >> and they're back, too, and up early and watching us. good to have you you with us this morning. >> studying all night. >> you pulled
couldn't get out to take them to school this mother. this is in l.a. or downtown d.c. this is suburban, bethesda and makes you realize that this can happen anywhere and i think the police were on top of it and it's nice to know they take it seriously. >> i got back from dropping off my husband and son at school and work, and all of a sudden, i come here and there were a bump of cop cars and cops with guns and shotguns. this is not good. >> reporter: a few hours after the incident, police towed a car from the garage. investigators say that it belongs to the ex-girlfriend and the damage, they say, came from a prior incident. the signs on the garage where the shooting took place say the area is under surveillance. police say that prince's ex- girlfriend broke up with him last week and over the weekend was so frightened had with him, she went to court to get the stayaway order and they were scheduled to be in court to answer tomorrow. laura? >> and tell us the condition of the girlfriend, the ex- girlfriend? >> we understand she's in a safe place and she was not hit by the gun fire. she wa
. and the st. constantine greek festival is happening here in downtown d.c. and we know about that good food because they brought it in. >> gwen bring it's back to the station. so enjoy those act fif -- activities. >>> but let's look outside. we have no shortage of sunshine across the area. winds are light and it's going to just shape up to be absolutely enjoyable. look at this bootful shot of outside. so things really nice as far as this weekend is concerned. i'm happy to say we have a very pleasant sunday on tap for you. we have a cold front on the way, however, and that's something that we'll be watching. mid week, a rise in temperatures, we're heading into the first day of fall. temperatures shouldn't be rising but that is what is happening. and a lot of activity. melanie mentioned igor in the tropics and we'll look at that for you as well. now temperature wise we are into the 50s and 60s. a cooler start to the day. 57 at gaithersburg. 59 at baltimore. 59 at manassas. winchester at 60. martinsberg 54 degrees and 63 here in washington, d.c. 63 in annapolis. and yesterday we were right on
from downtown d.c. it is a major facility. you can see from that aerial that we're showing you right now. people from the inside told us they've been hiding in their office. there's suspicion the man has cylinders attached to him and one doesn't know if they're explosives. obviously the montgomery county police presumably will have fbi and other federal help as well. whatever help they need are on the scene. and trying to determine who the suspect is, what his agenda might be, and whether or not he is not only armed but whether or not he has explosives with him. >> negotiators are try to get him on the phone and start a conversation with him. many times the person's stress and anxiety level is going to be very high. they may be yelling, screaming and cursing. it's a negotiator's job to bring that stress and anxiety level down. we're in a state of conflict resolution and we want to resolve this. >> we know you're going to be standing by and we'll have constant coverage of this. of course, that does it for us. an "andrea mitchell reports" will be bringing you all the negotiations from
, a few clouds, low 50s in the suburbs, about 61 degrees for the downtown d.c. area. tomorrow, beautiful day, low humidity, lots of sunshine, a bit of a breeze and temperature only 82. a couple of degrees cooler than it was today. we did get up to 84 degrees today so we will headline tomorrow as a sunny, mild day, 65 degrees at 8:00 in the morning, noon, 78, and 4:00, 82 degrees so a beautiful mid week forecast for us, and high pressure will begin to give ground a little bit tomorrow so still plenty of sunshine and then a little bit of a warm-up on thursday as a push of warmer air comes in. that will leave us maybe just a little bit more humid with temperatures in the mid-80s and as the cool front gets ready to cross late thursday into friday, we are actually going to see some showers and a late-night rumble of thunder. that's not until thursday or friday. very quickly i want to mention as we head over to the 5-day forecast, that hurricane igor is a cat 4, very strong with winds of 155 miles an hour. it's going to make a real close call on bermuda later this weekend, if not an almost dir
, 63 in downtown d.c. tomorrow winds out of the northwest 10 to 15 in the afternoon. so the afternoon does kind of ratchet it up a bit at 82. we'll still have plenty of sunshine and a really beautiful sunny day. our temperature at 8:00 in the morning 65, by noon 78 and by 4:00 we're at 82 degrees. so it looks like another fantastic tuesday, so great for all the voters. get out, no weather worries that you'll have to be concerning yourself with, no reason to lug along the umbrella. want to show you the futurecast so you can see what we're expecting our next showers accident not tomorrow, not wednesday, looks -- showers, not tomorrow, not wednesday, looks like plenty of sunshine, but you'll begin to see late thursday around 5:00 or so we may begin to see showers trying to press ahead of the next frontal system. thursday afternoon and evening they will linger most likely into the first part of friday. we'll keep our fingers crossed that we get it. this is hurricane igor, definitely a category 4. tell you. what they'll have to watch this in bermuda. it's going to be a real close call frid
't l.a. or downtown d.c. this is suburban bethesda, but it makes you realize this can happen anywhere and i think the police were just right on top of it and it's kind of nice to know they take it seriously. >> i just got back from dropping my husband and son off at school and work and, you know, all of a sudden i come here and i'm like oh, let's take the dog out for a walk. i look out the window and there's a bunch of cop cars and cops with guns and shotguns. i'm like oh, well, this isn't good. >> reporter: a few hours after the incident police towed a car from the garage. investigators say it belongs to the ex-girl friend. the damage they say came from a prior incident. signs on the garage where the shooting took place say the area is under surveillance. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> court records show prince was scheduled to be in court tomorrow to answer to that stay away order. >>> employees returned to work told at the discovery channel for the first time since the gunman took three hostages. the headquarters in silver spring had been closed since last wednesday when police say 43
currently downtown baltimore. ú% in d.c. 65 hagerstown. you cross the mountains, out theee in garrett county. sitting at 55. cool spot in the state. and widening the shot here. you can see across, west of us. temperatures areecooler in the 60s. and ccntinue o see the cooler air funnnling in behind the frontal boundary. ú%d tempeeatures will go down. overnight lows, start to get onú the cool side. cold fronttwill continue too3 extend down south. high pressure is coming down out of the great lakes. and that wiil be dragging down the cooler temperatures. breezy conditions tonight. but winds are kind of dding down through the overnnght into tomorrow. which will be a pleasant day. future scan hows nothing going on in the form of any precipitation in our neck of the woods. few scattered showers up around lake ontario and buffalo. but for us, next weether system will not arrive until toward the end of the weekend. keeping an eye to the ttopics. atlantic satellite. it is busy active season firing up. tropical stormy gore. and winds at 46 miles per hour. gusting to 58. this storm will probably
line. things are going smoothly here in downtown d.c. back to you guys. >> thank you. and we have extensive one-on- one interviewed with mayor fenty and his opponent vincent gray on myfoxdc.com. lick for the links on the home page. >>> and in maryland voters are casting their ballots for the senate primary and in the governor's race. >> in prince george's county voters will decide who will be the next county executive and stacy cohan is there in greenbelt with more. >> reporter: good morning to you. and there are several candidates running for the county executive and one of the candidates michael jackson was holding an event this morning up in upper marlboro. i'm at the eleanor roosevelt high school in greenbelt. and voting right at this moment is the other leading contender and that is former state dell grat rushern baker. going door to door to get out the vote. many making final rounds, rallying support and trying to sway the minds of still undecided voters. >> thank you for your support. >> reporter: both candidates are campaigning on education, economic development and crime
summer. i know fall begins tone at 11:09 and if you're out in the evening downtown, get this d.c. effect. because the sun is going to set due west tonight. right between the streets which line up east/west you can capture the sunset between buildings and get cool photos and you can only do this on the equinox and the autumnal equinox. just a little factoid. we should a
percent. and 84 degrees downtown bbltimore. inner harbour, 81 in d.c. and 80 in hagerstown.ú %-72 degrees in oakland. so a little cooler air back there. and the western porrion of the state. but this high pressure here has been keeping us dry and clear. that's why we have that sunshine out theee. and that heat coming up ouu of the south. keeping us n the clear side of things. but the front edge of a frontal boundary is sitting up over wisconsin, and illinois. that will be shifting our direction anddthat will be as we get down the road.ssdown as we take a look at the futuue and clear skies tomorrow. wednesday. looking at thursday. clear. front is closer. and then also this reenants, or the effects of earl start to work up the coast line. so we start to see a squeeze play of a cold front. and then also some the effects south. so tonight looking at mainly clear skies. temperatures down to 79 degrees. winds out of the northwest at five. sunshine.omorrow, plenty of hot day with westerly wind at five to 10. your five-day forecast. shows 92 on thursday. then we start to see the front that will
. downtown 74 degrees, and 77 in d.c. and 68 in salisbury and hagerstown and oakland at 64. stormy weather moving out of delaware and into the a atlantic ocean. to the wft a couple of showers in pennsylvania but that won't bother us. the heattmay bother, and you humidity will be climbing too, winds shifting at 5 to 10. take a look at the weekend forecast in a few minutes, but ú%ght now lauren cooke has the good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, steve. while we start the day on trouble att 95, where we are dealing with a crash at you approach interstate 95. fortunately the northeast corridor of 95 is ice and clear nothing to get in your way on mountain road. you'rr looking at a 5-minute ride with an average speed of 55 miles per hour. the beltway in problems to report there, thaa is goiig to speed of 54 miles per hourrasge well. 795 to 95, therr you're look the an 11 -- excuse me a 12-minnte e ride with an average speed of 55 miles per hour. >>> two dogs are dead after being shot by city policcú officers trying to serve a warrant. it happened just before 5:00 at a home near we
strikes in downtown d.c. at the same time, the captured terrorist to just tried -- it was not a home-run attack. they may have been homegrown terrorists, but he may have been wrong about that. that was the biggest threat to the homeland that we have had since 9/11. and then when they get him, they give him -- they read him his miranda rights. that is treating him like a criminal. as a result, their policy when it comes to detention and interrogation is completely paralyzed. the cra is not interrogating anybody. that is true. -- the cia is not interrogating anybody. that is true. there has not been one high- level attention since president obama came to office. if we found some like the leader of al qaeda in east africa, we would kill them. it is very dangerous. we are put in a position where we have the choice between capture or kill. we kill. that is a very dangerous position to be in. >> one of the things i thought was really interesting in that speech was that the senator focused on the detention. particularly in washington, we tend to be assessed with high- value targets and the
. on the one hand, we do not do predator strikes in downtown d.c. at the same time, the captured terrorist to just tried -- it was not a home-run attack. they may have been homegrown terrorists, but he may have been wrong about that. that was the biggesthreat to the homeland that we have had since 9/11. and then when they get him, they give him -- they read him his miranda rights. that is treating him like a criminal. as a result, their policy when it comes to detentn and interrogation is completely paralyzed. the cra is not interrogating anybody. that is true. -- the cia is not interrogating anybody. that is true. there has not been one high- level attention since president obama came to office. if we found some like the leader of al qaeda in east africa, we would kill them. it is very dangerous. we are put in a position where we have the choice between capture or kill. we kill. that is a very dangerous position to be in. >> one of the things i thought was really interesting in that speech was that the senator focused on the detention. particularly in washington, we tend to be assessed wi
. 73 in d.c. 70 in hagerrtown. eastern shore.ú in the mid 60s. and continue to see the temperatures fluctuate a bit. get a boost in he temperatures but then short lived as the froot moves through. we will he have a chance for rain. on the modee data. %-but how much will it really gt -ver the mouutains and come into the central porrion of maryland. right now it is not showing anything. but there is a chance of unooganized showers and rumbles night, overnight, and then head out of here friday morning. but we will see hhw thaa plays out as it gets closer. mainly clear conditions across the mid-atlantic, to the new england statess few clouds working in. you can see the pop-up showerss starting to happen around laugh create indiana, south of gary and south bend. moisture will ride along the frontal boundary as it movvs closer. now, high pressure has een dragging in the warmer temperatures from the south we have seennthe clockwise rotation. bringing up the southwest flow as the cold front approaches ahead of t there is the potential, as we see at 7:00, thursday, nice line of showers and
, flexible acrobats. we've ot some grea writers. >>> loeb's deli has been part of the d.c. downtown landscape for 15 years. >> regulars will have to walk further to bite into a chopped liver sandwich. yesterday loeb's closeled its doors at its current location on 15th street because the building its in is ndergoing renovation. they will eopen at the corner of 17th and i. but it brings a close to an era that called home for half a century. >> very bittersweet. the entire block was like that. a throw back to the' 50s where you had a dry cleaner and barber shop. all independently owned businesses. you don't seep that i downtown any more. >> new location fr loeb's deli will open in december. i was also read regular views that people wrote in and some said it's the best deli in all of d.c. and some said they don't ven smile at you which makes it an you a ten thick new york deli. >> you walk in, people are reaming and demanding food. you feel you're like in times square. >>> more college football forecast just on the her side of ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honk our outback alway
of the rural towns outside of downtown d.c. so give yourself a lot of extra time. the forecast, it's going to rain on and off hard all day today and tonight. tomorrow morning, it will slowly clear out. so your commute tonight will be just as bad as what you're experiencing this morning. we'll give you details throughout the day and updates on any severe weather threat. you're watching "morning joe" brewed by starbucks. >>> i've only been here two years, guys. you know, if you look at the checklist, we've already covered about 70%, so i figured i need to have something to do for the next couple of years. >> 70%?! that's a -- let's check the list. okay. yeah, he made a checklist. he worked out, got a dog, met stevy wonder, got a nobel peace prize, got an ipad -- all right. okay. so he's right, he only has three more on the list. >> when president obama and nancy pelosi pressured chet edwards, chet stood up to them. >> i like jason a lltmeyer. >> bobby voted against a $1 trillion failed budget. >> and when washington liberals wanted to take away our guns, chet said no. >> holy -- those are th
road, main arteries from d.c. through downtown silver spring up north. and right now that area is a mess as we zoom into the problem spot area right in downtown silver spring. as this breaking news unfolds. all of the road closures still remain in tact as police try to kind of get this area under control for now. so we want to tell you where to avoid. right now georgia avenue is shut down between cameron and eastern avenue. columbia pike, route 29, closed between 410 and fenton. fenton street near the area, this is where the bail out traffic is going. near 16th and fenton, all of this bailout traffic will affect your commute home. but no accidents or incidents reported. right now a lot of traffic control officers out there trying to give folks detour and visible signs around. avoid the pedestrians on the streets right now, you will be in good shape. the good news is the silver spring metro station has been working. all trains are running on time on the redline, you just have to get in through the colesville road entrance, not wayne street. that entrance is shut down. as you see
now to avoid this area of downtown silver spring, especially coming up north from d.c. into maryland. georgia avenue still shut down between cameron and eastern. on the ground now switching to our live camera. this is at georgia and wayne in the midst of the closures. you see crews on the ground and roads closed. some of the crews getting out of the area. but right now, route 29 another main artery out of d.c. into maryland. that is still shut down. as far as i understand, it's between 410 and fenton. so use spring street to get around. to georgia, use 16th. and as we talk about 16th, traffic not to bad. i'm hearing from folks on the ground reaching out to me because they got word of the incident, around 1:00, that gave people enough time to reach out to folks in d.c. before they make their way up to maryland so we avoid the major backlog between 5:00 and 6:00 to avoid this area. so with that said, we're not seeing too much of a traffic backup right now. it was really bad a couple of hours ago. so that is definitely the good news in all of this. metro is running as normal. silver spr
inches of rain head south and east of d.c. roanoke could be looking at three through 5 inches of rain. 58 degrees to 66 degrees downtown. cloudy with brain downtown. by the afternoon, temperatures will have a hard time moving out of the upper 60's to those 70's. we could be looking at severe activity overnight into tuesday morning. here is a look of the extended outlook. by wednesday, plenty of sunshine to enjoy with temperatures in the mid 70's. by friday and saturday, cooling down to around 70 degrees. that is tomorrow night, worth watching. >> it has been a roller coaster here. worth watching. >> we will bring you up-to-date on the redskins' game. how about the cowboys. they bounced back. how about the cowboys. they bounced back. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanen
here or do you think they know it is here. >> well i think most people know that the washington, d.c. downtown is here. we have over 10 million visitors every year and that's more than the mall, and they know the verizon center and the portrait gallery, but this place is full of smaller museums and art shops and this is an attempt to feature that and we invite them down this weekend. >> reporter: and we thank you for inviting us. it's good to see you. and we have one artist that got up early for us this morning. this is lou gag non tell me about your art >> my job is to make a mess and then i have to learn my wau out of it. and that's the way you learn about color. >> reporter: oh, i love that. how did you get started in. >> i was an architect in an earlier life, and after designing a hotel in tokyo, i was sent to montana to paint with some artists and that's what i decided i wanted to do. >> reporter: and we know artists like you are part of a lot of shows, and that means you're good, so to be a part of this festival, what does it mean to you? >> well there are a couple of things it
in d.c. in 2006. last summer dozens of them started hit ling the mall. there are more this year. the drivers have varied backgrounds. >> i'm a student. this is my summer job. i am making money doing this. even if i don't make a lot of money, at the end of the day, i wrote my bike and got exercise. >> i love it. >> three main pedicabs operate in d.c. a good place to find a pedicab is outside the air and space or natural history museum. >>> it is 5:57. a lot more still to come in our next hour of "good morning washington." still to come, the rise of the frankenfish. congress debates the genetically modified fish. >>> stay tuned. "good morning wash think about the internet. growing, evolving, literally transforming our lives. now imagine the possibilities of what tomorrow could bring. at at&t, we support a core set of standards that will guide the internet into the future... to protect users, and reward innovators, for years to come. we support a fair and open internet - affordable and accessible to everyone. transparent networks, managed in ways that are clear to all users. we sup
rhee will keep her job as head of d.c. schools. a highly anticipated meeting between rhee and democratic mayoral nominee vincent grey is set to take place at high noon today. tracee wilkins is live outside the wilson building downtown with more. good morning, tracee. >> reporter: good morning, joe. this will be the first sitdown between rhee and gray since gray won the nomination f d.c. mayor. and this is an important conversation. not just here, within d.c., but also nationally. d.c. city council chair vincent gray, the presumptive new d.c. mayor, vowed throughout his candidacy that he is for education reform. but has not said whether that push will include chancellor michelle rhee. rhee, who was appointed by mayor adrian fenty, is considered by many the national face of school reform. and was featured in a highly anticipated film called waiting for superman. rhee has made a number of controversial decisions. including the mass firings of hundreds of teachers and principals. the closings of schools, and an all-out reform in everything from how teachers are evaluated to ho
something going on at the d.c. end. it doesn't look good to my eyeballs. but at this age -- anyway. out on the rails at this hour update you. brunswick, three delays on the brunswick line. 780, 892 and vre fredericksburg 302 slight delay. about ten minutes or less. >>> jerry, the eyeballs never failed you in the past. thank you. >> thank you. we are following breaking news out of prince george's coun right now. police are surrounding a house where a gunman is reportedly barricaded inside. this is a home in the 8600 block of capital heights. police tell us it began as a domestic situation and the gunmanis holding a female stage inside. no reports of any shots fired. police are trying to resolve the situation peacefully. we'll bring you more on this story as it becomes available. >>> back to decision 2010. itppears washington may soon have a new may. vincent gray defeated mayor adrian fenty in the democratic pie mary yesterday >> d.c. council chair is expected to speak later today about the campaign head. >> right now news 4's tracee wilkins is live where that speech will take place. good
can get home without getting arrested for drunk driving. >> that's true. the d.c. metro system connects with places of work to downtown. the downtown area. then people can get back he'sly to whether it is alexandria to maryland. >> the thing that intrigued me is that sometimes you go to these places, and the drink prices are $15 for a martini. i wonder how these young professionals are doing that. did that factor in at all to the price? or are they really offering some great deals during the two-hour period? >> well, yeah. definitely. we found in our research that around the country, we're really experiencing a happy hour boom. that's really a cause of the recession. people are more cost conscious. they're looking to save every dollar. so in places like discretionary spending where you would see in a restaurant or a bar, where you spend on alcohol or food, people will say, you know what? i won't do that. but restaurants come and say, give you better specials and everything. people are more, being more cost conscious. they will to go places offering happy hours instead of places
area of baltimore. d.c. a little warmer at 66. salisbury as ou go northwest and southeast, 52 and 53 respeccively. sky hd radar ot shhwing ann rain riiht now, you do see thh showers up toward the great lakks along the frontal boundary that could be ddaaed into this evening. we could get the shhwer chance or a thunderstorm. 800deerees y noon.ú 85 at 6:00 p.m. topping t 88 at 3:00 this afternoon. might have hit 90 in a few locations. what abouu your chute this morning? we need -- the ccmmute thhs morning? we need to check in with the expert on that information. >> reporter:: if you're traveling through the harbor -unnel this morning, we expect slow speeds. that is due to an earlier crash along the toll plaza. traffii will be down to owe donne!!o'donaldstreet. congestion on thh west side of the beltwaa checkinn in and taking a live look at liberty road. you are looking at a 19-minute ride along the outer loop from 795 to 95 with an average speed dooexpect heavy volume from 953 to 83. that stretch is going to take you 18 minutes. there you're looking at ann3 afternoon speed of 54 mil
d.c. had about the same turnout. and judiciary square in downtown washington saw the most ballots with more than 5,000 voters there. a total of more than 17,000 early voters. candidates mayor fenty and his challenger council chairman vincent gray participated in a debate on the radio this morning. the school chancellor michelle rhee was one of the topics of discussion. if rhee reelected, fenty said he will keep her. gray, however, said he has not made up his mind about that yet. early voting ends this monday. primary day is tuesday. >>> coming up, a new effort to slow down drivers made some people frightened and angry. >>> pilots getting a plan. >>> and a woman you could switch for great gas mileage or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highway miles on a single tank of gas. or the hundred-thousand mile powertrain warranty. over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. they're not just trading in, they're trading up. qualified lessees can get low mileage lease on this 2011 malibu ls for around one ninety-nine a month. call for details. th
will keep her job as head of d.c. schools. she's scheduled to meet with d.c. mayoral nomin vincent gray. tracee wilkins is live outside of the building downtown where that meeting will take place. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a hihly anticipated meeting. not only for what it's going to do here in washington, but also nationally all eyes have been on rhee since she's cme in as chancellor to see what's going to happen and what she'll be able to do with d.c. schools. many consider her the poster child of school reform. but here in d.c., it's been a very controversial run for rhee. and this will be her first sitdown conversation with gray since the democratic primary nominati for mayor. d.c. city council chair vinnt gray has vowed throughout his run for mayor that he is for education reform. but has not said whether that reform willnclude chancellor michelle rhee. rhee and gray have ashed in the past. gray has challenged many of the chancellor's key decisions. but, this pport and moved the council towards accepting a one chancellor system. rhee initially called t
. the dew point s at 48. dry for sure. 66 degrees is the temperature at i said. 64 in washington d.c., and 62 ii hagerstown, a bit cool in oakland as well at 54 ddgrees. hhrr is what we're watching high pressure builddng in today bringing us a lost ssnshine that will look eaa nice. as i said we could use some rain and we're going to ffnd it maybe, it looks like for late on thursday into early friday as the moisture spins up from the south aad some will be there, too, to start. it will replace the cloud cover as the frontal boundary approaches. you can see around 3:00 in the afternnon, and better chance later at night for the rest of us and the best chance, also ú%ll be to the north. ú% doesn't mean that we can't we hope to, because we can use it everrwhere. it doesn't look like it's as promisiig as if you were traveling further north, pennsylvania and new york. that doesn't help us out. high pressure rings us a nice weekend. system. this is tropical storm karl that is headed to toward tte yucatan peninsula. is hen see tropical storm status again as it moves towwrd mexico eastern
the democratic primary, or is it over? we will have a full report. some 2300 d.c. residents have already taken advantage of early voting. it is a first in the city. four early voting locations open today in northwest, northeast, southeast washington. downtown location at the board of elections in essex has been operating since monday. the centers are open until 7:00 tonight. on labor day the are 8:30 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening. for early voting locations go to our website, www.wusa9.com. and for the first time, maryland residents can take advantage of early voting. it began friday at locations across the state. voting centers are closed tomorrow but will reopen monday through thursday, september 9. with a complete breakdown of early voting in the state of maryland and answer all the most asked questions, go to our website, again, www.wusa9.com. a lot of people are enjoy can the labor day holiday weekend. many virginia dmv employees got to work. they will be processing driver's license applications that piled up during the past week when the state's computer system failed. dmv say
, winchester 45, chantilly 48 and d.c. about 55 degrees. forecast tonight clear and chilly with those 40s in the suburbs, 55 degrees downtown, a beautiful day tomorrow after a chilly start. we climb to 79 degrees. again we're watching our hurricane igor move away. it is actually still technically a hurricane at this hour and it is going to be affecting newfoundland. the only other thing we need to watch is in the far eastern atlantic closer to africa, but that could also become tropical storm lisa in the next couple days. meanwhile we watch for things to heat up, 87 wednesday, thursday 89, and friday 89. we could get up and over 90 a couple of these days and maybe a couple chances for showers in our forecast. if you watched the skins game, you know it was pretty exciting and ultimately disappointing. dave feldman has a wrap on what we watched with the texans when we come back. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simp
. humidity levels are sitting at 82 percent. highs today across the state. ú% in baltimore. 93 in d.c. there is the 97-degree mark in fredericksberg. about 3 degrees shy of 100. looking at 96 inn3 charlottesville. so heat will build up out of the south riding up 95. ww will get some of that as the winds are maiily from the south thrrugh the day tomorrow. currently across the state. 74 baltimore. 78 in hagerstown. 80 in d.c. 72 n charrottesville. as the sunrisss and winds are from the ssuth. temperatures will continue to o %-as we get througg the day.3 %-looking to the north. that's the cooler spot up in boston at 62. 64 albany. stretch ack west. 82 in cleveland. so we are looking at some warm temperatures across parts of the midwwst. to the south. that will be drawn into our as the warm front cootinues to extend over parts of upstate nee york, ontario canada, northhrn pootions of michigan. firing off showers and storms for them. will have cold front that follows that. coming across the plains. that will sweep down across ouu region by saturdaa afternoon, that wiil start to really
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